Bromic Gas Digest Racks

Two available now: The Bromic Gas Digest Racks are essential for precise and controlled sample digestion, enhancing the accuracy of analytical chemistry processes in laboratories. Seize the opportunity to acquire this rack at a reduced cost


The Bromic Gas Digest Racks offer a reliable solution for gas digestion processes in analytical laboratories. Engineered with precision, these racks streamline sample preparation tasks, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Designed for compatibility with various laboratory instruments, the Bromic Gas Digest Racks ensure seamless integration into existing workflows. With robust construction and intuitive functionality, these racks cater to the needs of analytical chemists and researchers seeking dependable gas digestion equipment.

Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Technical Specifications:
    • Dimensions: 12.5″ (W) x 18.2″ (D) x 14.8″ (H)
    • Weight: 22.7 lbs
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Maximum Capacity: 12 samples
    • Heating Element: High-performance ceramic
    • Temperature Range: Ambient to 450°C
    • Gas Compatibility: Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen
  • Functional Attributes:
    • Efficient Gas Digestion: The high-performance ceramic heating element ensures uniform and rapid heating, facilitating efficient gas digestion processes.
    • Sample Capacity: With a maximum capacity of 12 samples, this rack accommodates diverse laboratory workloads, enhancing productivity.
    • Temperature Control: Precise temperature control capabilities allow users to tailor gas digestion conditions according to specific requirements, ensuring reproducible results.
    • Safety Features: Built-in safety mechanisms, including overheat protection and thermal cutoff, mitigate risks associated with high-temperature operations, safeguarding laboratory personnel and equipment.
  • Connectivity Options:
    • Versatile Compatibility: The Bromic Gas Digest Racks are compatible with a wide range of laboratory instruments, including spectrometers, chromatographs, and analyzers, enabling seamless integration into various analytical workflows.
    • Interface Compatibility: These racks feature standard interface ports for seamless connectivity with laboratory control systems, facilitating automated sample processing and data management.

The Bromic Gas Digest Racks represent a pinnacle of reliability and performance in gas digestion equipment. From their robust stainless steel construction to advanced safety features, every aspect of these racks is meticulously engineered to meet the demanding needs of modern analytical laboratories. Whether for routine sample preparation or complex analytical processes, the Bromic Gas Digest Racks deliver consistent results, empowering researchers to achieve their scientific objectives with confidence and efficiency.


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