Perth Scientific GFL 3018 Shaker

Available now: The Perth Scientific GFL 3018 Shaker offers variable speed, durable construction, and data connectivity for precise and uniform sample agitation in laboratory procedures. Seize the opportunity to acquire this shaker at a reduced cost.


The Perth Scientific GFL 3018 Shaker is a robust and versatile laboratory instrument designed for precise and controlled agitation of samples. This shaker is engineered to meet the demands of research and analytical applications, providing a stable and efficient platform for various laboratory procedures. The GFL 3018 Shaker features a variable speed range, allowing adjustable agitation from 40 to 400 rpm. It offers a spacious and non-slip shaking surface, accommodating a variety of sample containers, including flasks, Petri dishes, and microplates. The system is equipped with an integrated timer for accurate shaking duration, with a range of up to 999 minutes. It operates with minimal noise and vibration, providing a stable and disturbance-free working environment. The shaker is built with durable materials to withstand continuous and heavy-duty use. This shaker excels in providing uniform and controlled agitation of samples, promoting consistent results across a wide range of laboratory procedures, including cell culture, bacterial growth, and chemical mixing. It offers a straightforward control panel for easy operation and programming. The GFL 3018 Shaker’s robust construction ensures long-term reliability, while its compact design optimizes laboratory workspace. The GFL 3018 Shaker includes connectivity options through USB and RS-232 interfaces for data transfer and external control. These options facilitate integration with laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and other laboratory software for efficient data management and monitoring. In summary, the Perth Scientific GFL 3018 Shaker is a reliable and versatile laboratory instrument, offering precise agitation and a range of technical specifications suitable for various research and analytical applications. Its functional attributes and data connectivity options make it a valuable tool for researchers and scientists seeking controlled and consistent sample agitation in their laboratory work.


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