Buchi Syncore

Available now: The Buchi Syncore is an advanced evaporation system for precise solvent removal with automated features, remote monitoring, and a wide range of applications. Seize the opportunity to acquire this asset at a reduced cost.


The Buchi Syncore is an advanced automated parallel evaporation system designed for efficient solvent removal in chemical laboratories. With its cutting-edge technology, it offers precise control over temperature, pressure, and vacuum levels, ensuring optimal evaporation conditions for a wide range of applications. This compact and user-friendly instrument streamlines the evaporation process, enhancing productivity and reproducibility in research and development workflows.

Technical Specifications and Features:

Technical Specifications:
  • Evaporation Capacity: The Buchi Syncore accommodates up to 12 samples simultaneously, allowing for high-throughput processing.
  • Temperature Range: It offers a temperature range from ambient to 90°C, enabling evaporation of various solvents with different boiling points.
  • Vacuum Level: The system maintains vacuum levels down to 5 mbar, facilitating efficient solvent removal while minimizing sample degradation.
  • Interface: Equipped with an intuitive touchscreen interface for easy operation and monitoring of process parameters.
  • Safety Features: Includes safety mechanisms such as overheat protection and automatic shutdown in case of system anomalies.
  • Dimensions: Compact footprint, suitable for benchtop installation, with dimensions of 600 mm x 500 mm x 400 mm (WxDxH).
  • Power Requirements: Operates on standard electrical power supply, consuming 1200 W for efficient energy utilization.
Functional Attributes:
  • Parallel Processing: Enables simultaneous evaporation of multiple samples, reducing overall processing time.
  • Precise Control: Offers precise control over temperature, pressure, and vacuum settings, ensuring reproducible results.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for a wide range of applications including concentration of extracts, purification of organic compounds, and sample preparation for chromatography.
  • Automation: Features automated processes for increased efficiency and reduced operator intervention.
  • Modular Design: Modular components allow for easy maintenance and scalability according to laboratory needs.
Connectivity Options:
  • USB Interface: Allows for data transfer and firmware updates for enhanced functionality.
  • External Control: Compatible with external control software for integration into automated laboratory workflows.

In summary, the Buchi Syncore combines advanced technology with user-friendly design to provide a reliable solution for solvent evaporation in chemical laboratories. Its precise control, high throughput capabilities, and versatile applications make it an indispensable tool for researchers and scientists seeking efficient sample preparation methods.



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