OLYMPUS BX41TF Microscope

Available now: OLYMPUS BX41TF Microscope – versatile with multiple observation methods, objective options, and camera connectivity for precise imaging in life sciences and clinical research. Seize the opportunity to acquire this microscope at a reduced cost.


The OLYMPUS BX41TF Microscope is a versatile and reliable instrument designed for a wide range of life science and clinical applications, offering precise optical observation and imaging capabilities. The BX41TF features a range of brightfield and phase contrast observation methods. It includes multiple objective options with magnifications ranging from 2x to 100x, providing the flexibility to accommodate various sample types and sizes. The microscope offers a Kohler illumination system for uniform and high-quality illumination, enhancing image clarity. It boasts a mechanical stage with coaxial drive for precise sample manipulation. The system is equipped with a trinocular head for camera attachment and can be configured with a range of digital imaging solutions. This microscope combines high-quality optics with ergonomic design, ensuring comfortable and efficient operation during extended use. The phase contrast system enables the visualization of transparent specimens with high contrast, making it suitable for applications in cytology, haematology, and other clinical fields. The BX41TF is designed for durability and ease of maintenance, featuring an anti-mould design for longevity. The system is equipped with an efficient cooling system for long-term stability during continuous use. The OLYMPUS BX41TF offers connectivity options, allowing for camera attachment for image documentation and analysis. It supports various digital imaging solutions, such as camera adapters and image analysis software, enabling seamless integration into laboratory setups. The trinocular head accommodates camera systems and provides ease of use during imaging applications. In summary, the OLYMPUS BX41TF Microscope is a versatile and dependable instrument, offering a wide range of technical specifications, functional attributes, and connectivity options. It serves as an essential tool for life science and clinical researchers, providing high-quality optical observation and imaging capabilities for diverse applications. https://www.fluorescencemicroscopes.com/wp-content/themes/CompoundMicroscopes/pdf/Olympus%20BX41%20Microscope%20Manual.pdf


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