Duran DN250 Desiccator

Available in glass and plastic now: The Duran DN250 Desiccator is a Lab essential for precise moisture control and storage of sensitive materials in a sealed, transparent glass design. Seize the opportunity to acquire this desiccator at a reduced cost.


The Duran DN250 Desiccator stands as a stalwart solution catering to the nuanced needs of laboratory environments, particularly in the realm of moisture-sensitive applications. It serves as a bastion of preservation, ensuring the integrity of delicate materials by creating a meticulously controlled, low-humidity environment. This desiccator, renowned for its robust construction and unwavering reliability, garners favor among researchers and scientists seeking steadfast performance in their endeavors.

Technical Specifications and Features:

Construction: Crafted from premium borosilicate glass, renowned for its exceptional durability and optical clarity, the Duran DN250 Desiccator provides both resilience and transparency essential for laboratory settings. The base, engineered from chemical-resistant polypropylene, fortifies the unit’s stability while withstanding the rigors of diverse experimental conditions.

Functionality: The desiccator’s efficacy hinges on its secure lid, boasting a silicone O-ring seal that ensconces the interior with an airtight barrier, safeguarding sensitive contents from ambient moisture. Augmenting user convenience, a manual pressure relief valve allows for facile adjustment of internal conditions, while a designated desiccant tray ensures efficient moisture absorption, augmenting preservation efforts.

Control and Monitoring: Empowering users with precise oversight, the Duran DN250 Desiccator integrates a built-in hygrometer, furnishing real-time monitoring of internal humidity levels to ensure optimal preservation conditions. Furthermore, it accommodates optional electronic humidity sensors, affording enhanced control and automation capabilities to streamline experimental processes.

Connectivity Options: Incorporating versatility into its design, the desiccator interfaces seamlessly with vacuum pumps, expediting the evacuation of air to expedite moisture removal. Additionally, it boasts compatibility with data logging systems, facilitating seamless integration for comprehensive environmental monitoring and analysis.


In the tapestry of laboratory equipment, the Duran DN250 Desiccator emerges as an indispensable thread, woven with precision and reliability. Its amalgamation of robust construction, precise control mechanisms, and adaptability to various accessories renders it a versatile ally in the pursuit of scientific inquiry. Whether safeguarding hygroscopic substances or conducting humidity-sensitive experiments, this desiccator stands as a paragon of reliability, delivering consistent results with every application. Seamlessly melding user-centric design with customizable features, the Duran DN250 Desiccator is an indispensable asset for laboratories seeking to exert meticulous control over environmental conditions.


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