BioMérieux TEMPO

Available now: Biomerieux TEMPO – a rapid FISH-based microbial identification system with high sensitivity, automation, and flexible panel options for clinical and research use. Seize the opportunity to acquire this system at a reduced cost.


The BioMérieux TEMPO stands as a pinnacle of microbiology solutions, meticulously crafted to revolutionize microbial testing procedures across diverse laboratory environments. This sophisticated system amalgamates cutting-edge technology with seamless automation. It offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities aimed at optimizing sample processing, analysis, and result dissemination. With an emphasis on precision, efficiency, and user-friendliness, the TEMPO embodies the epitome of innovation in microbiological testing.

Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Sample Capacity: One of the hallmark features of the TEMPO is its impressive sample-handling capabilities. It boasts a capacity to simultaneously process up to 192 samples. This remarkable throughput empowers laboratories to manage high volumes of samples with unparalleled efficiency and speed.
  • Automated Processing: At the heart of the TEMPO lies a sophisticated automation system, meticulously engineered to streamline sample processing workflows. By minimizing manual intervention and automating repetitive tasks, the system mitigates the risk of human error while significantly reducing processing times.
  • Rapid Analysis: Leveraging advanced imaging technologies and proprietary analysis algorithms. The TEMPO delivers swift and accurate microbial identification and enumeration. In addition, this rapid turnaround time enables laboratories to expedite decision-making processes. It facilitates prompt responses to quality control and diagnostic requirements.
  • Integrated Incubation: The TEMPO features seamlessly integrated incubation capabilities. Moreover, it provides an optimal environment for microbial growth and development. This integrated functionality not only ensures consistent and reliable results but also expedites the overall analysis process by eliminating the need for external incubation equipment.
  • Flexible Connectivity: Recognizing the importance of interoperability in modern laboratory settings. Moreover, the TEMPO offers a plethora of connectivity options, including Ethernet and USB interfaces. This versatility enables seamless integration with existing laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and data exchange protocols. Further, it ensures streamlined data flow and enhanced interoperability.
  • User-friendly Interface: Designed with usability in mind, the TEMPO boasts an intuitive touchscreen interface that simplifies operation and navigation for users of all proficiency levels. This user-centric design minimizes the learning curve associated with adopting new technologies, empowering laboratory personnel to leverage the full potential of the system from day one.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: From generating detailed analysis reports to facilitating regulatory compliance, the TEMPO offers a robust suite of reporting tools designed to meet the diverse needs of laboratory stakeholders. Whether it’s documenting test results for quality assurance purposes or compiling regulatory submissions, the TEMPO provides comprehensive reporting capabilities that streamline documentation processes and ensure compliance with industry standards.
  • Modular Design: The TEMPO features a modular design that enables scalability and customization. Laboratories can easily expand or upgrade their TEMPO systems to accommodate changing throughput demands or integrate additional functionalities to address new testing requirements. This modular approach ensures long-term versatility and adaptability, allowing laboratories to future-proof their investments and maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving field of microbiology.

In summary, the BioMérieux TEMPO represents a paradigm shift in microbiology testing. It offers a synergistic blend of automation, efficiency, and accuracy. It has impressive sample-handling capabilities to its intuitive user interface and comprehensive reporting features. The TEMPO embodies the pinnacle of innovation in microbial analysis. And it empowers laboratories to redefine the boundaries of excellence in microbiology testing.


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