Endecotts 2.0mm Sieve Shaker

Available now: The Endecotts 2.0mm Sieve Shaker is specialized for 2.0mm particles, precise separation and tailored analysis. Seize the opportunity to acquire this shaker at a reduced cost.


The Endecotts 2.0mm Sieve Shaker is a specialized instrument designed to facilitate particle size analysis. It is specifically tailored for particles within a 2.0mm size range, offering precise separation and analysis capabilities for materials falling within this specific particle size. This sieve shaker has an amplitude of up to 2mm, a range of 20µm – 40mm and a range of sieve diameters. The Sieve Shaker’s functionality revolves around its ability to precisely sieve and separate materials within the 2.0mm range. Its design and settings are finely tuned to handle materials falling within this specific size category, ensuring accuracy and reliability in particle size analysis within this targeted range. https://data2.manualslib.com/pdf7/158/15736/1573504-endecotts/minor_200.pdf?63d0185c9f615e43f41ba244292286ac


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