Endecotts 4.0mm Sieve Shaker

Available now: The Endecotts 4.0mm Sieve Shaker offers precise, adjustable, low-noise operation for diverse material analysis. Seize the opportunity to acquire this  at a reduced cost.


The Endecotts 4.0mm Sieve Shaker is a robust, precision instrument designed for particle size analysis in various industries, offering reliability and accuracy in material separation. It efficiently sieves materials using a vibratory motion, ensuring consistent and reproducible results. With a focus on durability and performance, this shaker accommodates sieves up to 400mm in diameter and can handle diverse materials, from fine powders to granular substances. This sieve shaker operates at an adjustable amplitude range of 0-2mm, providing flexibility in the sieving process. Its powerful electromagnetic drive mechanism delivers a controlled and uniform sieving action, with a frequency of 3000 vibrations per minute. The device operates on a standard 110V or 220V power supply, consuming minimal energy with a power rating of 400W. Its compact design measures 450mm x 450mm x 620mm and weighs approximately 35kg, ensuring both stability and portability. The Endecotts 4.0mm Sieve Shaker is equipped with a digital timer, enabling precise control over sieving durations for consistent and repeatable results. Its robust construction and ergonomic design ensure ease of use and minimal maintenance, enhancing its longevity and reliability. The shaker’s noise level remains low during operation, promoting a conducive working environment, while its intuitive interface simplifies operation for users across various industries.


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