Gas Regulators

Gas regulators, available for Argon, Nitric, Air, Acetiline and Nitrous Oxide, offer precise control of gas pressure and flow, ensuring safety and accuracy in diverse industrial and laboratory applications. Seize the opportunity to acquire these regulators at a reduced cost.


Gas regulators are vital components in gas supply systems, meticulously engineered to control the flow and pressure of gases. Used for Argon, Nitric, Air, Acetiline and Nitrous Oxide. They serve a diverse range of applications, ensuring the safe and precise management of gas sources. Gas regulators come in various types, designed to handle specific gases and pressure ranges. They are constructed from materials suitable for gas compatibility, featuring precise pressure adjustment mechanisms. Regulators are available in single-stage and dual-stage designs, with pressure gauges to monitor gas pressure accurately. The primary function of gas regulators is to reduce high-pressure gas from a supply source to a controlled and safe working pressure. They provide steady gas flow for various applications, including industrial processes, laboratories, and gas distribution systems. Regulators also offer safety features, such as relief valves to prevent overpressure situations. Five available.


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