GBC Cintra1010 Spectrophotometer

Available now: The GBC Cintra1010 spectrophotometer is where precision meets versatility with a 190-1100 nm range, dual-beam design, touchscreen interface, and diverse connectivity options. Seize the opportunity to acquire this spectrophotometer at a reduced cost.


The GBC Cintra1010 Spectrophotometer is an advanced analytical instrument designed for precise spectroscopic measurements in various applications. With a sleek and ergonomic design, this spectrophotometer combines user-friendly features with cutting-edge technology, making it a versatile tool for laboratories engaged in diverse research and analytical tasks. The Cintra1010 covers a spectral range from 190 to 1100 nm, ensuring comprehensive analysis capabilities across a wide spectrum. Its optical system incorporates a high-performance holographic grating and a dual-beam design, ensuring exceptional accuracy and stability. The instrument’s spectral bandwidth is adjustable, accommodating various analytical requirements. Equipped with a high-intensity xenon flash lamp as the light source, the Cintra1010 delivers reliable performance and precise wavelength selection. This spectrophotometer offers a range of functional attributes to meet the demands of modern laboratories. It features a large colour touchscreen interface, providing a user-friendly experience for method selection and data analysis. The Cintra1010 supports various measurement modes, including absorbance, transmittance, and concentration, ensuring flexibility for different analytical techniques. The instrument’s automatic baseline correction and stray light correction capabilities contribute to the accuracy and reliability of analytical results. The GBC Cintra1010 is designed with connectivity in mind, offering multiple options to enhance data management and workflow efficiency. With USB and Ethernet ports, the instrument allows seamless data transfer to external devices and integration with laboratory information systems .


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