OLYMPUS U-LH100HG Microscope Light Source

Available now: The OLYMPUS U-LH100HG Microscope Light Source offers precise, consistent illumination for professional microscopy with a 12V 100W halogen lamp and adjustable settings. It’s compatible with various microscopy techniques and supports digital imaging when used with compatible equipment.. Seize the opportunity to acquire this microscope at a reduced cost.


The OLYMPUS U-LH100HG is a high-quality microscope light source, designed to deliver precise and consistent illumination for professional microscopy applications. It serves as a crucial component in optical microscopy, contributing to the clarity and quality of observations. The U-LH100HG features a 12V 100W halogen lamp, known for its bright and uniform illumination. It provides adjustable intensity settings, allowing users to fine-tune the light output for different microscopy techniques. The lamp life typically extends to thousands of hours, ensuring prolonged and reliable operation. This microscope light source is compatible with a range of microscopy techniques, including brightfield, darkfield, and phase contrast. It offers a stable and consistent light output, essential for precise imaging and accurate observations. The U-LH100HG includes a field diaphragm, aperture diaphragm, and condenser focus adjustments, allowing users to optimize the illumination for specific sample requirements. The U-LH100HG microscope light source is primarily designed for direct illumination through the microscope’s optics. While it does not offer direct digital connectivity, it can be used in conjunction with digital imaging systems by illuminating the sample for image capture. In summary, the OLYMPUS U-LH100HG Microscope Light Source is a reliable and efficient lighting solution for microscopy applications. With its 12V 100W halogen lamp, adjustable intensity settings, and compatibility with various microscopy techniques, it ensures consistent and high-quality illumination. While its primary function is to provide illumination for visual microscopy, it can be integrated into imaging systems to support documentation and digital imaging when used in combination with compatible equipment. https://data2.manualslib.com/pdf5/119/11852/1185118-olympus/bxura2.pdf?9ae1f976293672146bb6c0b260540a7f


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