OLYMPUS U-RFL-T-200 Power Unit

Available now: The OLYMPUS U-RFL-T-200 Power Unit is a critical component, providing stable power for the U-LH100HG Light Source in microscopy and imaging applications, ensuring safe and synchronized operation. Seize the opportunity to acquire this power unit at a reduced cost.


The OLYMPUS U-RFL-T-200 Power Unit represents a pinnacle in medical technology, offering a dependable power solution vital for a wide array of endoscopic procedures. Meticulously engineered with precision and adaptability at its core, this device epitomizes reliability and versatility. It caters to the exacting standards of modern healthcare environments.

Technical Specifications and Features:

Technical Specifications:

The dimensions measure 300mm x 200mm x 150mm and weigh in at 5.5 kg. The U-RFL-T-200 Power Unit strikes a balance between compactness and durability, seamlessly integrating into diverse clinical setups. Its power input range spanning from 100V to 240V AC at 50/60Hz ensures global compatibility. It also guarantees uninterrupted operation across varying power infrastructures. Boasting a power output of 200W, this unit delivers consistent and stable energy, indispensable for the optimal functioning of associated endoscopic instruments.

Functional Attributes:

The U-RFL-T-200 Power Unit incorporates functional attributes meticulously crafted to streamline operational efficiency and enhance user experience. Its robust power output facilitates the seamless operation of connected endoscopic devices, enabling precise and effective medical procedures. Intuitive controls, encompassing power on/off functionality and adjustable power settings, empower healthcare professionals with effortless device management. Advanced safety features, including overload protection and overheating safeguards, fortify operational stability while prioritizing user and equipment safety.

Connectivity Options:

Equipped with a myriad of connectivity options, the U-RFL-T-200 Power Unit fosters interoperability with a broad spectrum of Olympus endoscopic systems. Tailored ports designed for seamless integration of endoscopes, light sources, and accessories facilitate smooth communication and synchronization between interconnected devices. Additionally, support for standard interfaces such as USB and Ethernet enables seamless data transfer and remote control capabilities, augmenting operational flexibility and convenience.

In essence, the OLYMPUS U-RFL-T-200 Power Unit embodies the perfect amalgamation of functionality and innovation, poised to redefine endoscopic procedures. Its compact form factor, coupled with advanced features and comprehensive connectivity options, positions it as an indispensable asset in clinical settings worldwide. From bustling hospitals to research-focused medical laboratories, the U-RFL-T-200 Power Unit stands as a testament to reliability, empowering healthcare professionals with the tools necessary to deliver exceptional patient care and drive positive clinical outcomes.



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