Perkin Elmer Clarus 400 Gas Chromatograph

Available now: Perkin Elmer Clarus 400 Gas Chromatograph. It offers advanced capabilities, versatile detectors, and precise control for efficient volatile compound analysis. It ensures exceptional performance and connectivity, making it an ideal choice for diverse analytical applications in compact laboratory settings.


The PerkinElmer Clarus 400 Gas Chromatograph stands as a pinnacle in analytical instrumentation, offering precise separation and identification of complex mixtures. Designed for versatility and reliability, it serves various industries, from pharmaceuticals to environmental analysis. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, it streamlines analytical workflows, ensuring accurate results every time.

Technical Specifications and Features:

Functional Attributes:

The Clarus 400 Gas Chromatograph is equipped with a multitude of functional attributes that cater to the diverse needs of analytical laboratories. Its temperature range spans from sub-ambient to 450°C, providing the flexibility needed for efficient separation of volatile compounds across a wide range of applications. The programmable oven facilitates customizable temperature ramps, enabling researchers to optimize method parameters to achieve optimal separation efficiency and resolution.

At the heart of the Clarus 400 lies its highly sensitive flame ionization detector (FID), renowned for its exceptional detection capabilities. The FID enables the detection of trace-level components with unparalleled sensitivity, making it particularly well-suited for demanding applications such as environmental analysis and forensic toxicology. Moreover, the FID’s linear dynamic range ensures accurate quantification of analytes across a broad concentration range, from parts per billion (ppb) to percent levels.

Connectivity Options:

In an era where seamless data integration and management are paramount, the Clarus 400 Gas Chromatograph offers versatile connectivity options to meet the demands of modern analytical laboratories. The instrument is equipped with USB and Ethernet ports, facilitating easy connection to laboratory networks and data management systems. This allows for efficient data transfer and analysis, streamlining laboratory workflows and enhancing productivity.

Furthermore, the Clarus 400 supports various chromatography data systems (CDS), ensuring compatibility with existing laboratory infrastructure and enabling seamless integration into laboratory workflows. Researchers can effortlessly access and analyze chromatographic data, making informed decisions with confidence. Additionally, remote access capabilities empower users to control and monitor the instrument remotely, enhancing flexibility and facilitating unattended operation for increased productivity.

In summary, the PerkinElmer Clarus 400 Gas Chromatograph embodies precision, performance, and versatility in analytical chemistry. In addition, its robust construction, coupled with advanced features and intuitive controls, ensures reliable and accurate results. With its exceptional sensitivity, customizable capabilities, and seamless connectivity options. Thus, the Clarus 400 is the instrument of choice for researchers and scientists seeking to push the boundaries of analytical science.


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