Multiple available: The pipette offers precise liquid handling tools in various types and volumes, ensuring accurate laboratory measurements. Seize the opportunity to acquire this pipette at a reduced cost.


Pipettes are fundamental instruments utilized across scientific domains, facilitating precise liquid handling essential for experiments, assays, and analyses. Our pipettes stand at the forefront of laboratory technology, embodying a harmonious fusion of advanced functionality and ergonomic design. Engineered to optimize efficiency and accuracy, they are indispensable tools for researchers, clinicians, and technicians alike.

Technical Specifications and Features:

Technical Specifications: Our pipettes boast a versatile volume range, spanning from microliters to milliliters, accommodating diverse experimental requirements with unparalleled precision. Accuracy and precision are paramount, ensuring reliable and reproducible results across a spectrum of applications. Users benefit from adjustable settings that fine-tune aspiration and dispensing parameters, enabling seamless handling of liquids with varying viscosities. Regular calibration guarantees sustained accuracy over time, safeguarding the integrity of experimental outcomes. Additionally, compatibility with a wide array of tips enhances flexibility in experimental setups, further augmenting usability.

Functional Attributes: Designed with user comfort in mind, our pipettes feature ergonomic contours that promote effortless handling, mitigating operator fatigue during prolonged usage sessions. Single-hand operation capability streamlines workflows, maximizing operational efficiency and productivity. An intuitive interface simplifies operation, expediting familiarization for users of all experience levels. Furthermore, the lightweight construction of our pipettes minimizes hand strain, facilitating extended use without discomfort or compromise in performance.

Connectivity Options: Modern laboratory environments demand seamless integration and data management capabilities. Our pipettes offer Bluetooth connectivity, enabling wireless data transfer to laboratory information systems, ensuring data integrity and traceability. Alternatively, USB connectivity provides versatile data transfer options, catering to diverse laboratory setups and configurations.

General Overview: In summary, our pipettes embody a commitment to excellence in liquid handling, delivering precision, reliability, and user-centric design. Whether in academic research, pharmaceutical development, or clinical diagnostics, our pipettes empower users to achieve superior results efficiently and consistently. With customizable settings and seamless connectivity options, they represent the pinnacle of laboratory instrumentation, driving scientific discovery and innovation forward.


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