Rowe Scientific/BioStrategy Separatory Funnels

Ten available now: The Rowe Scientific/BioStrategy Separatory Funnels offer various sizes, liquid separation, chemical resistance and are essential lab tools. Seize the opportunity to acquire these funnels at a reduced cost.


Rowe Scientific/BioStrategy Separatory Funnels are vital tools in laboratories for liquid-liquid extractions and separations. These funnels are typically made of high-quality borosilicate glass or durable plastic, available in various sizes to accommodate different volumes of liquid. Their conical design with a stopcock at the base allows for the separation of immiscible liquids, a critical process in chemical analysis and purification procedures. Available in diverse sizes, these funnels are usually equipped with a stopcock made of chemically resistant material, ensuring precise control over liquid separation. The materials used in their construction offer resistance to a wide range of chemicals and solvents commonly used in laboratories. Their varying capacities cater to different experimental needs, providing flexibility in sample handling. Rowe Scientific/BioStrategy Separatory Funnels are designed for liquid-liquid extractions, allowing the isolation of compounds based on their differing densities. The conical shape and stopcock facilitate the separation process, ensuring efficient extraction and purification of substances. Their chemical-resistant construction ensures the integrity of both the funnels and the substances being handled. Six available.


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