Bentley Somacount FC Raw Milk Machine

Available now: Bentley Somacount FC Raw Milk Machine – Rapid, precise somatic cell counting for multiple samples, and offers data connectivity for dairy quality control. Seize the opportunity to acquire this machine at a reduced cost.


The Bentley Somacount FC Raw Milk Machine is a specialized and high-performance instrument designed for the rapid and accurate analysis of raw milk samples. This advanced system is tailored to meet the demands of dairy farms and processing facilities, providing a reliable solution for somatic cell counting. The Somacount FC offers a broad measurement range, capable of accurately quantifying somatic cell concentrations from 100,000 to 10,000,000 cells per millilitre. It employs a cutting-edge flow cytometry technology for precise cell counting, ensuring accuracy and reliability in somatic cell assessments. The system is capable of analysing multiple samples simultaneously, enhancing throughput and efficiency. It features a user-friendly interface and a robust sample handling system, accommodating a variety of sample containers. This raw milk machine excels in providing rapid and reliable somatic cell counts, crucial for assessing the milk quality and animal health. It offers automated sample preparation and analysis, streamlining the testing process. The instrument is engineered for durability and ease of maintenance, with straightforward access to key components for cleaning and maintenance. It is ideal for routine monitoring and quality control in dairy production. The Somacount FC offers connectivity through USB and Ethernet interfaces, allowing data transfer and remote control. It can be seamlessly integrated into laboratory information systems (LIMS) for efficient data management. The system supports data storage and retrieval, ensuring traceability and compliance with regulatory requirements. In summary, the Bentley Somacount FC Raw Milk Machine is a specialized and technically advanced instrument tailored for somatic cell counting in raw milk samples. Its technical specifications, functional attributes, and connectivity options make it a reliable and efficient solution for dairy farms and processing facilities seeking accurate and rapid somatic cell analysis to maintain milk quality and animal health.


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