SEM Kjeldahl Digest 4 Place Unit

Available now: The SEM Kjeldahl Digest 4 Place Unit is a top-tier solution for nitrogen determination through Kjeldahl analysis, offering efficiency, accuracy, and durability in a four-place configuration tailored for high-throughput laboratories. Seize the opportunity to acquire this unit at a reduced cost.


The SEM Kjeldahl Digest 4 Place Unit is a robust laboratory instrument designed to streamline the Kjeldahl digestion process, offering efficiency and accuracy in nitrogen determination. In addition, with its advanced features and precise control, this unit provides reliable results for various applications in analytical chemistry, environmental analysis, and food testing laboratories.

Technical Specifications and Features:

Technical Specifications:

  • Capacity: Accommodates up to four digestion tubes simultaneously.
  • Temperature Range: Adjustable heating range from ambient to 450°C.
  • Heating Elements: Equipped with corrosion-resistant heating elements for uniform heating.
  • Control System: A microprocessor-based control system ensures precise temperature regulation.
  • Safety Features: Over-temperature protection and safety interlocks for operator security.
  • Construction: Robust stainless steel construction for durability and chemical resistance.
  • Power Requirements: It operates on a standard electrical power supply.

Functional Attributes:

  • Efficient Digestion: Facilitates rapid and thorough digestion of organic samples for nitrogen determination.
  • Temperature Control: Accurate temperature control ensures reproducible digestion conditions. Moreover, it can enhance the result reliability.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of sample types, including food, soil, wastewater, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Easy Operation: The intuitive interface allows for simple programming and operation, minimizing user error.
  • Maintenance: Low maintenance requirements for increased operational uptime and efficiency.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with various digestion tubes and accessories for flexibility in sample handling.

Connectivity Options:

  • RS-232 Interface: Allows for data logging and integration with laboratory information management systems (LIMS).
  • External Control: Supports external control the devices for automated operation and integration into existing workflows.

General Overview:

The SEM Kjeldahl Digest 4 Place Unit offers a reliable solution for laboratories requiring efficient the nitrogen determination. In addition, it has a robust construction, precise temperature control, and versatile functionality. Furthermore, it provides consistent results across diverse sample types. What’s more, whether used in research, quality control, or regulatory compliance, this unit enhances productivity and confidence in analytical processes.


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