Shimadzu UHPLC

Available now: Shimadzu UHPLC. It is a High-performance chromatography system with precise control, versatile sample handling, and advanced detection capabilities.


The Shimadzu UHPLC system integrates cutting-edge components to deliver high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) capabilities. Designed for advanced analytical applications, this system ensures precise separation and detection of analytes with exceptional sensitivity and efficiency. Comprising the Shimadzu CBM-20A Controller, CTO-10AS VP Column Chamber, SIL-30AC Autosampler, 228-34736-91 Reservoir Tray, RF-10A XL Fluorescence Detector, DGU-20A5R Degasser, SPD-M10A VP Diode Array Detector, and LC-30AD Pumps, it offers a comprehensive solution for demanding chromatographic tasks.

Technical Specifications and Features:

1. Instrument Control and Data Management:
  • The Shimadzu CBM-20A Controller provides precise control over system parameters and facilitates seamless integration with analytical software for data acquisition and analysis.
  • Advanced algorithms enable real-time monitoring and adjustment of chromatographic conditions, ensuring optimal separation and peak resolution.
2. Chromatographic Column Management:
  • The CTO-10AS VP Column Chamber maintains precise temperature control for chromatographic columns, minimizing variance and enhancing reproducibility.
  • Automated column equilibration and conditioning routines streamline workflow and improve productivity.
3. Sample Handling and Injection:
  • With the SIL-30AC Autosampler, samples are injected with high precision and reproducibility, minimizing injection volume variability for accurate quantification.
  • Flexible injection modes accommodate a wide range of sample types and volumes, from microliters to milliliters.
4. Solvent Management:
  • The DGU-20A5R Degasser efficiently removes dissolved gases from solvent streams, preventing bubble formation and ensuring consistent flow rates and baseline stability.
  • Compatibility with a variety of mobile phases enhances versatility and enables optimization for diverse chromatographic applications.
5. Detection and Quantification:
  • The SPD-M10A VP Diode Array Detector offers wavelength flexibility and high sensitivity for reliable detection and quantification of analytes across a broad range of concentrations.
  • Real-time spectral data acquisition enables peak purity analysis and identification of co-eluting compounds, enhancing method robustness and accuracy.
6. Fluorescence Detection:
  • Equipped with the RF-10A XL Fluorescence Detector, the system enables sensitive detection of fluorescent analytes, expanding analytical capabilities for compounds with low UV absorbance.
  • Multiple detection modes and customizable excitation/emission wavelengths accommodate diverse fluorescent targets and optimize signal-to-noise ratios.
7. Pumping System:
  • The LC-30AD Pumps deliver precise solvent gradients and flow rates, enabling rapid chromatographic separations with high resolution and reproducibility.
  • Low pulsation and stable performance ensure consistent peak shapes and retention times, even at high pressures and flow rates.
Connectivity Options:
  • The system offers versatile connectivity options, including Ethernet, USB, and RS-232 interfaces, facilitating seamless integration with laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and chromatography data systems (CDS).
  • Remote monitoring and control capabilities enhance operational flexibility and enable unattended operation for extended analytical runs.

In summary, the Shimadzu UHPLC system represents a state-of-the-art solution for high-performance liquid chromatography, offering unparalleled sensitivity, accuracy, and reliability for a wide range of analytical applications.


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