IKA Works MS2 S8 Minishaker Vortexer

Available now: The IKA Works MS2 S8 Minishaker Vortexer offers precise mixing, durable construction, quiet operation, and connectivity options for versatile lab use. Seize the opportunity to acquire this vortexer at a reduced cost.


The IKA Works MS2 S8 Minishaker Vortexer is a compact and reliable laboratory instrument designed for a wide range of sample mixing applications. With its precise engineering and user-friendly interface, it is an essential tool for scientific research and analysis. This product offers exceptional performance and durability, making it suitable for various laboratory settings. The Minishaker Vortexer offers a variable speed range from 100 to 2500 RPM, with a 3mm orbit diameter and a capacity of up to 8 microtubes. It features an integrated timer that can be set for up to 999 minutes, operating on a standard 100-240V, 50/60Hz power supply. The unit measures 150mm x 150mm x 75mm (W x D x H) and weighs 2.2 kg. It boasts a robust construction with a corrosion-resistant metal housing and easy-to-use controls. The digital display allows for precise speed and time adjustments, and the vortexer operates quietly to minimize disruption in the laboratory. Safety features include automatic shutdown when the lid is opened, ensuring operator safety. The unit’s stability during operation minimizes the risk of spills and contamination, and it requires minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and operating costs. The Minishaker Vortexer is equipped with both analog and RS232 interfaces, enhancing its versatility for external control and data logging. This makes it suitable for integration into more complex laboratory setups. In summary, the IKA Works MS2 S8 Minishaker Vortexer offers precision, durability, and versatility for sample mixing in the laboratory. Its robust construction, variable speed, and user-friendly controls make it a valuable addition to any laboratory, while its connectivity options allow for integration into more advanced setups. Whether used for routine applications or specialized research, this vortexer provides reliable and consistent results.http://www.stuart-equipment.com/adminimages/SA7_SA8_v1_2.pdf


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