TPS EC and TDS Conductivity Meter

Available now: TPS EC/TDS Conductivity Meter. It offers precise EC/TDS measurements (0.01 µS/cm to 20.00 mS/cm, 0.01 ppm to 20.00 ppt) with ±1% F.S. accuracy. Features include automatic temperature compensation, multi-point calibration, a user-friendly interface, and diverse connectivity options (USB, optional IR, analog output). This compact and portable instrument is ideal for accurate water quality analysis in laboratory and industrial settings.


The TPS EC and TDS Conductivity Meter stand at the forefront of modern instrumentation, providing a robust solution for the accurate determination of electrical conductivity (EC) and total dissolved solids (TDS) in diverse liquid samples. Crafted with precision and reliability in mind, this device caters to the stringent demands of industries ranging from agriculture to environmental science, ensuring consistent and trustworthy measurements across various applications.

Technical Specifications and Features:

1. Accuracy and Precision:

The Conductivity Meter has a set of premium sensors engineered for exceptional accuracy and precision. With a tolerance level of ±2% and an impressive resolution of 0.01 µS/cm for EC and 0.1 ppm for TDS, this instrument delivers reliable results even in challenging environments, offering users confidence in their data.

2. Wide Measurement Range:

Versatility is a hallmark of this meter, boasting a broad measurement range that spans from 0 to 20,000 µS/cm for EC and 0 to 10,000 ppm for TDS. This extensive range enables the assessment of various sample types with differing conductivity levels. Also, it can accommodate the diverse needs of users across different industries.

3. User-Friendly Interface:

It simplifies conductivity measurement with an intuitive interface, making navigation through complexities easier. Moreover, featuring a large LCD and simple button controls, users can effortlessly access readings and configure settings, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the learning curve for new users.

4. Data Logging and Storage:

Efficient data management is facilitated through the meter’s built-in memory, allowing users to log and store up to 100 sets of data. Also, this capability enables the tracking of trends and patterns over time, empowering users with valuable insights for quality control, research, and regulatory compliance purposes.

5. Calibration and Maintenance:

It has a straightforward calibration procedure and includes calibration solutions. Furthermore, it simplifies the process of maintaining optimal performance. Minimal maintenance requirements ensure longevity and reliability, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity for users.

6. Connectivity Options:

For seamless integration into existing workflows, the meter offers multiple connectivity options, including USB and Bluetooth. These features enable easy data transfer to external devices or compatible software. Moreover, it is suitable for further analysis, reporting, and integration with laboratory information management systems (LIMS).

In summary, the TPS EC and TDS Conductivity Meter represent the pinnacle of innovation and functionality in the realm of conductivity measurement. It contains advanced features, wide-ranging capabilities, and a user-centric design. Thus, it is an indispensable tool for professionals seeking accurate and reliable EC and TDS measurements across a myriad of applications.


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