TPS ISE D.O. Meter With YSI Sensor

Available now: TPS ISE D.O. Meter with YSI Sensor: Reliable instrument for precise dissolved oxygen measurements and a durable design. Seize the opportunity to acquire this meter at a reduced cost.


The TPS ISE D.O. Meter with YSI Sensor is a critical instrument for precise dissolved oxygen (D.O.) measurements, catering to a wide range of applications in environmental science, aquaculture, and industrial processes. This meter ensures accurate D.O. measurements for enhanced data analysis and quality control. This meter boasts a robust construction and is equipped with a YSI sensor renowned for its accuracy. It offers a wide measurement range for dissolved oxygen, catering to various sample conditions. The sensor features a user-replaceable membrane cap for convenient maintenance and long-term use. With a reliable temperature compensation mechanism, it ensures precise measurements under different temperature conditions. The TPS ISE D.O. Meter excels in providing consistent and reliable D.O. measurements. It offers user-friendly features, such as a clear and intuitive digital display and user-replaceable membrane caps, simplifying maintenance. The meter’s durable design ensures longevity and precision, making it ideal for field and laboratory applications. Connectivity options for data transfer and analysis may be available with this meter. It can transmit data for further analysis and integration with data logging systems. Common connectivity options include USB or data ports for streamlined data management.


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