Velp SNS TKN Assembly with Scrubber and Jet Pump

Available now: The Velp SNS TKN Assembly, with Scrubber for gas absorption and Jet Pump for fluid transfer, ensures efficient and precise Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen analysis. Seize the opportunity to acquire this asset at a reduced cost.


The Velp SNS Complete TKN Assembly with Scrubber and Velp Jet Pump constitutes a comprehensive solution for Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) analysis in laboratory settings. Designed for precise and efficient nitrogen determination, this assembly integrates key components to streamline the analytical process. The TKN assembly includes a Scrubber designed for the absorption of acidic gases produced during the digestion phase, ensuring a clean and safe laboratory environment. The Velp Jet Pump complements the assembly, featuring robust construction and compatibility with various digestion systems. Together, these components contribute to reliable TKN analysis, with the Scrubber efficiently neutralizing harmful fumes, and the Jet Pump facilitating fluid transfer in digestion processes. Functionally, the TKN assembly with Scrubber and Velp Jet Pump excels in optimizing TKN analysis workflows. The Scrubber enhances safety by efficiently trapping acidic vapours, while the Velp Jet Pump ensures precise fluid transfer, minimizing manual intervention. These attributes collectively contribute to the assembly’s efficiency, reliability, and suitability for demanding laboratory tasks. While the TKN assembly primarily focuses on its core analytical functions, it may incorporate connectivity options such as USB interfaces for data transfer and external device communication. These options, if applicable, enhance data management and accessibility, aligning with modern laboratory standards.


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