Velp ZX3 Vortex Mixer

Available now: The Velp ZX3 Vortex Mixer offers variable speed, versatile tube accommodation, quiet operation, ergonomic design for precise and controlled sample mixing. Seize the opportunity to acquire this mixer at a reduced cost.


The Velp ZX3 Vortex Mixer stands as an essential laboratory instrument designed for efficient sample mixing. With a compact and user-friendly design, this mixer offers reliable vortexing capabilities for a variety of applications, contributing to the homogenization of liquid samples in a controlled and precise manner. Driven by a robust motor, the Velp ZX3 Vortex Mixer operates with variable speed control, allowing for customizable vortexing intensity to suit diverse sample types. The platform accommodates multiple tube sizes, enhancing versatility in sample preparation. The mixer’s construction incorporates durable materials for long-term use, and its stable base ensures consistent performance. With a noise level below 70 dB, it maintains a quiet laboratory environment during operation. The Velp ZX3 excels in functional attributes, featuring an orbital diameter optimized for efficient mixing without sample splashing. The mixer’s ergonomic design allows for one-handed operation, promoting ease of use. Its touch and continuous operation modes provide flexibility in mixing protocols. The secure grip surface of the platform prevents sample spillage, ensuring a controlled and safe working environment. The Velp ZX3 is suitable for applications requiring precise and reproducible vortex mixing, such as sample re-suspension and extraction procedures.


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