Thomas/Rocker VACUUM PUMPS

Two available now: The Thomas Vacuum Pump offers a robust diaphragm design, 1/10 HP motor, oil-free, versatile connectivity, ideal for diverse industrial and lab applications. Seize the opportunity to acquire this pump at a reduced cost.


Thomas/Rocker Vacuum Pumps stand as robust solutions for various industrial and laboratory vacuum applications. In addition, these pumps integrate high-quality components to deliver reliable performance and durability. Moreover, with a compact design and efficient operation, they cater to diverse vacuum needs with precision and consistency.

Technical Specifications and Features

1. Technical Specifications:

  • Pump Type: Oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump.
  • Maximum Vacuum: Achieves vacuum levels of up to 20 mbar.
  • Flow Rate: Offers flow rates ranging from 20 to 70 liters per minute.
  • Power Requirements: Operates on standard AC power input.
  • Noise Level: Low noise emission, typically below 50 dB.
  • Weight: Lightweight construction for easy portability.
  • Dimensions: Compact dimensions suitable for space-constrained environments.
  • Materials: Utilizes corrosion-resistant materials for enhanced durability.

2. Functional Attributes:

  • Oil-Free Operation: Eliminates the need for oil changes, reducing maintenance requirements.
  • Diaphragm Design: Ensures contamination-free pumping and consistent performance.
  • Chemical Compatibility: The pumps are suitable for use with a wide range of chemicals and solvents.
  • Temperature Control: An integrated thermal management system prevents overheating during prolonged operation.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with overload protection and automatic shut-off mechanisms for enhanced safety.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for laboratory research, vacuum filtration, degassing, and more.

3. Connectivity Options:

  • Inlet/Outlet Connections: Standard hose barb fittings for easy integration into existing setups.
  • Accessory Compatibility: Compatible with various vacuum accessories and filtration systems.
  • Control Interface: intuitive controls for adjusting vacuum levels and monitoring operations.

4. General Overview:

In conclusion, the Thomas/Rocker Vacuum Pump series embodies reliability and efficiency in vacuum applications. In addition, its oil-free diaphragm design ensures clean and consistent vacuum generation without the need for maintenance-intensive oil changes. With a compact footprint and versatile functionality, these pumps offer seamless integration into laboratory setups and industrial processes. Further, whether for degassing, filtration, or general vacuum applications, the Thomas/Rocker Vacuum Pump delivers dependable performance to meet diverse user requirements.


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