Thomas/Rocker VACUUM PUMPS

Two available now: The Thomas Vacuum Pump offers a robust diaphragm design, 1/10 HP motor, oil-free, versatile connectivity, ideal for diverse industrial and lab applications. Seize the opportunity to acquire this pump at a reduced cost.


The Thomas Vacuum Pump represents a reliable solution in vacuum technology. Engineered with precision, this pump offers a robust and versatile platform suitable for a range of applications. Known for its durability and consistent performance, the is designed to meet the stringent demands of various industrial and laboratory environments. Operating with a 1/10 horsepower motor, the Thomas Vacuum Pump provides a maximum free flow of 1.3 cfm. With a pressure rating of 27.5 inHg, it ensures efficient vacuum generation. The pump incorporates a diaphragm design, contributing to its longevity and minimal maintenance requirements. The pump’s construction includes chemically resistant materials, allowing for compatibility with diverse gases and vapours. Its compact size and lightweight design enhance flexibility in installation and usage. The Vacuum Pump excels in functional attributes, offering oil-free operation and low noise levels, making it ideal for applications requiring a clean and quiet vacuum source. The diaphragm design eliminates the need for lubricants, ensuring contamination-free vacuum generation. The pump’s ability to handle both liquids and gases further enhances its versatility. Its self-cooling mechanism contributes to extended operational periods, making it suitable for continuous-duty applications. Designed for seamless integration, the Thomas Vacuum Pump features standard connectivity options. With inlet and outlet ports designed for compatibility with common vacuum tubing sizes, it facilitates straightforward connection to various systems and setups. The pump’s versatility extends to its adaptability to different vacuum applications, ensuring ease of integration into laboratory equipment, analytical instruments, or industrial processes. Two available.


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