Abbott ID NOW

Available now: Abbott ID NOW, a rapid molecular diagnostic platform, offers quick on-site infectious disease testing with isothermal amplification. Seize the opportunity to acquire this asset at a reduced cost.


The Abbott ID NOW is a rapid molecular diagnostic platform designed for quick and accurate on-site testing of infectious diseases. This portable system delivers molecular results within minutes, providing a valuable tool for point-of-care testing in diverse healthcare settings. The ID NOW utilizes isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology, enabling fast and sensitive detection of target nucleic acids. With a compact design, the system accommodates a variety of sample types, including nasopharyngeal and nasal swabs. It operates at a consistent temperature, eliminating the need for complex thermal cycling and facilitating rapid results. Tailored for point-of-care testing, the ID NOW system offers simplicity and speed without compromising accuracy. The platform is user-friendly, requiring minimal training for operators. It delivers reliable results in approximately 13 minutes, allowing for timely patient management decisions. The system is particularly effective in detecting respiratory infections, contributing to efficient and targeted healthcare interventions. The ID NOW system is designed for seamless integration into healthcare workflows. It offers connectivity options for data management, allowing test results to be easily documented and shared within the healthcare network. With its rapid turnaround time and user-friendly interface, the system enhances the efficiency of on-site testing, making it an invaluable asset in various healthcare scenarios. Multiple available.


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