Athena Atherton Autoclave

Available now: The Athena Atherton Autoclave is a specialized sterilization solution with precision controls, 20L chamber, and connectivity options for technical applications. Seize the opportunity to acquire this autoclave at reduced cost.


The Athena Atherton Autoclave is a highly specialized sterilization system designed to provide a comprehensive solution for technical applications. It stands as a reliable and technologically advanced sterilization solution, perfectly suited for laboratories, medical facilities, and research environments where precision and quality are paramount. With its robust technical specifications, functional attributes, and connectivity options, it plays a crucial role in maintaining sterile and contamination-free conditions for critical applications. The autoclave features a 20-liter chamber capacity and operates at a maximum temperature of 134°C, coupled with a pressure of 2.3 bar. Its sturdy stainless steel construction ensures durability and extended product life. The Athena Atherton Autoclave is equipped with precision temperature and pressure control mechanisms, ensuring the efficient sterilization of laboratory and medical instruments. Its advanced microprocessor facilitates precise cycle management, with customizable options to tailor sterilization processes to specific needs. The autoclave is designed with USB and Ethernet connectivity, enabling data logging and remote monitoring for enhanced operational efficiency.


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