GBC Auto Sampler

Available now: The GBC Auto Sampler automates sample introduction, enhancing precision in analytical instruments. It offers diverse models with variable capacities and connectivity options for analytical efficiency. Seize the opportunity to acquire this auto sampler at a reduced cost.


The GBC Auto Sampler is a sophisticated laboratory instrument designed to automate the sample introduction process in analytical instrumentation. It enhances efficiency and precision in sample analysis, particularly in applications like atomic absorption spectroscopy and chromatography. This auto sampler is available in various models, with different sample capacities and sample introduction mechanisms. It is constructed from high-quality materials to ensure chemical compatibility and durability. The sampling speed, injection volume, and sample vessel options may vary depending on the model. The core function of the GBC Auto Sampler is to automate the introduction of samples into analytical instruments. It ensures precise and reproducible sample injections, reducing human error and enhancing analytical accuracy. Some models may offer advanced features like temperature control for sample storage and sample mixing capabilities. GBC Auto Samplers often include connectivity options for integration with analytical instruments, such as atomic absorption spectrometers and chromatographs. These connections allow for synchronized operation and data sharing between the auto sampler and the primary analytical system.


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