Hitachi U-3000 Spectrophotometer

Available now: The Hitachi U-3000 Spectrophotometer 190-900 nm range, double-beam stability, rapid 3000 nm/min scan, versatile modes, USB, and RS-232C connectivity. Seize the opportunity to acquire this spectrophotometer at a reduced cost.


The Hitachi U-3000 Spectrophotometer stands as an advanced instrument for precise spectroscopic analysis in scientific applications. With a comprehensive wavelength range of 190 to 900 nm, this spectrophotometer ensures accurate measurements across various samples. Featuring a double-beam optical system, it guarantees baseline stability, while the high-sensitivity photomultiplier tube detector enhances signal reliability. Its variable spectral bandwidth and rapid scan speed of 3000 nm/min cater to diverse experimental demands. The instrument offers versatile functionality, supporting modes such as photometric, spectrum, quantitation, and kinetics for comprehensive analytical capabilities. Connectivity options include USB and RS-232C interfaces, facilitating seamless data transfer and instrument control, enhancing integration into laboratory workflows.


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