OI Analytical Cetac 1300 Autosampler

Available now: The OI Analytical Cetac 1300 Autosampler is a reliable, versatile solution with precise sample handling and seamless connectivity options. Seize the opportunity to acquire this autosampler at a reduced cost.


The OI Analytical Cetac 1300 Autosampler is an advanced solution for precise and automated sample introduction in analytical instruments. This autosampler is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern laboratories and is widely recognized for its reliability and efficiency in sample handling. It seamlessly integrates into various analytical systems, ensuring accurate and consistent sample processing. The Cetac 1300 Autosampler features a sample capacity of 120 vials, making it suitable for high-throughput applications. It operates within a temperature range of 10°C to 50°C and offers a syringe volume of 0.1 mL to 1000 mL, providing flexibility for a wide range of sample types and volumes. With a compact footprint, this autosampler measures 13.2″ x 18.4″ x 18.4″ (W x D x H), optimizing space utilization in the laboratory. Its compatibility with a variety of vial types and sizes enhances its versatility. This autosampler is equipped with precise XYZ motion control for accurate and reproducible sample injections. The inert materials used in its construction ensure minimal sample contamination. Additionally, it incorporates a rinse station to prevent cross-contamination between samples. Its robust design and high-quality components contribute to its exceptional longevity and minimal maintenance requirements. The OI Analytical Cetac 1300 Autosampler is compatible with a wide range of analytical techniques, including atomic absorption spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma, and ion chromatography. The Cetac 1300 Autosampler offers seamless integration with analytical instruments and data management systems. It features RS-232 and USB interfaces for easy data transfer and communication. The autosampler’s software interface provides remote control and data exchange capabilities, streamlining laboratory processes and facilitating efficient automation. Its compatibility with industry-standard data formats simplifies data management and ensures compliance with rigorous quality standards. In summary, the OI Analytical Cetac 1300 Autosampler is a highly reliable and versatile solution for automated sample introduction in modern laboratories. Its technical specifications, functional attributes, and connectivity options make it a valuable addition to analytical systems. With its precise and reproducible sample handling, compatibility with various techniques, and connectivity features, this autosampler enhances laboratory productivity and analytical accuracy.


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