OI Analytical Cetac 1300 Autosampler

Available now: The OI Analytical Cetac 1300 Autosampler is a reliable, versatile solution with precise sample handling and seamless connectivity options. Seize the opportunity to acquire this autosampler at a reduced cost.


The OI Analytical Cetac 1300 Autosampler represents the pinnacle of automation and precision in sample handling within analytical chemistry laboratories. Designed to streamline workflows and ensure reproducible results, this instrument offers a sophisticated solution for handling diverse sample types with efficiency and accuracy.

Technical Specifications and Features:

Functional Attributes:

The Cetac 1300 Autosampler is engineered to facilitate high-throughput sample processing, enabling laboratories to analyze large sample volumes without the need for constant manual intervention. Moreover, its versatile sample-handling capabilities encompass liquids and solids, catering to a broad spectrum of applications.

Precision and accuracy are paramount in analytical chemistry, and the Cetac 1300 delivers on both fronts. Equipped with precise syringe mechanisms and intelligent sample tracking features.  In addition, this autosampler ensures consistent results while minimizing the risk of sample contamination. Besides, users have the flexibility to choose from a range of injection techniques. The techniques include full-loop, partial-loop, and fixed-volume injections. Moreover, it allows for customization to meet specific analytical requirements and optimize method performance.

Connectivity Options:

Seamless integration with chromatography systems is a hallmark of the Cetac 1300 Autosampler. It includes gas chromatographs (GC) and liquid chromatography (LC). This integration enhances analytical capabilities, enabling comprehensive sample analysis and data interpretation. Additionally, built-in networking capabilities facilitate remote access. It empowers users to control the autosampler from any location, monitor sample runs in real-time, and access data with ease.

In summary, the OI Analytical Cetac 1300 Autosampler is a robust and versatile instrument that combines automation with precision to meet the demands of modern analytical laboratories. Its user-friendly interface, customizable operation parameters, and compact footprint make it an invaluable asset for researchers and analysts seeking to enhance productivity and accuracy in sample handling. Furthermore, whether used as a standalone unit or integrated into a larger analytical system, the Cetac 1300 Autosampler stands as a testament to efficiency and reliability in sample preparation, contributing to advancements in scientific research and development across various disciplines.



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