Olympus IX70 Microscope

Available now: an Olympus IX70 Microscope. It delivers precision and adaptability with a magnification range of 4x to 100x, modular design for various techniques, ergonomic controls, and seamless connectivity, making it an essential tool for researchers and clinicians.


The Olympus IX70 Microscope is a versatile and advanced instrument designed for precise imaging and analysis in various scientific fields. With its robust construction and cutting-edge optics, it offers unparalleled clarity and accuracy in microscopic observation. Whether used in research laboratories, educational institutions, or industrial settings, the IX70 delivers exceptional performance and reliability.

Technical Specifications and Features

Optical System:

  • The microscope features a high-quality infinity-corrected optical system, providing superior image resolution and clarity.
  • Equipped with a range of objective lenses, including Plan Apochromat and Plan Fluorite options, for various magnification needs.


  • Utilizes advanced illumination techniques such as halogen or LED lighting for bright and uniform illumination across the specimen.
  • Offers options for Köhler illumination, allowing precise control and adjustment of the light source for optimal imaging conditions.

Imaging Capabilities:

  • Compatible with digital imaging systems for capturing and documenting microscopic images with ease.
  • Supports fluorescence microscopy techniques, enabling visualization of fluorescently labeled specimens with exceptional sensitivity.

Mechanical Design:

  • Features a modular design for easy customization and expansion according to specific application requirements.
  • Smooth and precise mechanical controls for effortless manipulation and focusing of specimens.

Connectivity Options:

  • Offers connectivity options for integrating with external devices such as cameras, computers, and imaging software.
  • USB and Ethernet ports facilitate data transfer and remote operation for enhanced workflow efficiency.


  • Ergonomically designed with adjustable viewing angles and ergonomic accessories for user comfort during extended use.
  • Compact footprint and intuitive controls ensure ease of operation and space efficiency in the laboratory.

Environmental Control:

  • Temperature and humidity control options available to maintain stable imaging conditions, crucial for sensitive experiments.
  • Sealed optical components minimize the risk of contamination and ensure long-term performance reliability.

In conclusion, the Olympus IX70 Microscope combines advanced optical technology with ergonomic design and versatile features to meet the diverse needs of researchers and professionals in various scientific disciplines. Its exceptional imaging capabilities and robust construction make it an indispensable tool for microscopic analysis and research applications.




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