PAL 11333 GBC Graphite Furnace

Available now: The PAL 11333 GBC Graphite Furnace, designed for AAS systems, enhances trace element analysis with precise temperature control and optimized heating profiles for superior sensitivity and precision in laboratory applications. Seize the opportunity to acquire this furnace at a reduced cost.


The PAL 11333 GBC Graphite Furnace is a specialized component designed for atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) systems. This graphite furnace serves a fundamental role in achieving high sensitivity and precision for trace element analysis in analytical chemistry. The PAL 11333 GBC Graphite Furnace is meticulously engineered with attention to critical details. It features a graphite tube designed to fit specific AAS models, ensuring compatibility and efficient heat transfer. The furnace offers precise temperature control with multiple heating zones, which are crucial for vaporization and atomization of analyte species. These heating zones are optimized to accommodate varying temperature profiles, aiding in the accurate determination of trace elements. The primary function of the PAL 11333 GBC Graphite Furnace is to enable the precise atomization and vaporization of samples for AAS. It offers programmable heating profiles and precise temperature control, enhancing the sensitivity and accuracy of trace element analysis. The graphite furnace is engineered to ensure reproducible and reliable results, particularly when working with samples at trace levels. The PAL 11333 GBC Graphite Furnace is an integral component of AAS systems and is typically integrated with the control and data acquisition software of the AAS instrument. While it does not possess standalone connectivity options, it plays a critical role in facilitating data acquisition and synchronization within the analytical system.


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