Ratek Heat Block

Available now: Ratek Heat Block ensures precise and uniform sample heating for a variety of laboratory applications. Its robust design and adjustable temperature range contribute to the reliability and reproducibility of temperature conditions. Seize the opportunity to acquire this heat block at a reduced cost.


The Ratek Heat Block is a vital laboratory instrument designed to provide precise and uniform heating for a wide range of sample tubes. It is a fundamental tool in various laboratory applications, where controlled temperature conditions are essential. It features a robust construction with high-quality heating elements and temperature control systems. The temperature range is adjustable, ensuring versatility for various applications. The block is designed to offer excellent temperature uniformity and accuracy. It ensures reliable and consistent temperature conditions, making it suitable for applications like enzyme assays, DNA denaturation, and sample incubation. The block’s efficient design minimizes temperature gradients and ensures homogenous heat distribution. https://data2.manualslib.com/pdf7/191/19016/1901578-ratek/dbh_0d_series.pdf?e80fd5d59df190cce4f2bd750710ee8a


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