Safemate 1.5 Vision ABC BioSafety Cabinet

Available now: The Biological Safety Cabinet ensures lab safety with controlled, HEPA-filtered environment, visibility, and alarm system. Vital for handling hazardous materials. Seize the opportunity to acquire this cabinet at a reduced cost.


The Safemate 1.5 Vision ABC BioSafety Cabinet seamlessly blends advanced technology with comprehensive safety features, creating an optimal environment for laboratory operations. Specifically engineered to meet the stringent demands of biosafety level 2 and 3 facilities, this cabinet prioritizes operator safety, product integrity, and environmental protection. Its ergonomic design and user-friendly interface enhance operational efficiency. Furthermore, it is an indispensable asset in research and clinical settings.

Technical Specification and Features:

Technical Specifications:

Crafted with precision. The Safemate 1.5 Vision ABC BioSafety Cabinet boasts dimensions of 1700 x 800 x 1300 mm and a weight of 300 kg. Its airflow configuration comprises 70% recirculation and 30% exhaust, ensuring efficient containment. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, this cabinet meets rigorous certification standards.

Functional Attributes:
  1. HEPA Filtration: The inclusion of high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters guarantees a Class II type A2 environment with ISO 5 air cleanliness, maintaining optimal working conditions.
  2. UV-C Sterilization: Integrated UV-C germicidal lamp effectively eliminates microbial contaminants, safeguarding sensitive samples and equipment.
  3. Innovative Vision Panel: A generously sized vision panel with LED lighting enhances visibility within the cabinet, facilitating precise manipulation of materials.
  4. Intelligent Control System: Featuring a user-friendly touchscreen interface. Also, the operators can effortlessly manage cabinet functions, ensuring smooth operation and minimal downtime.
  5. Adjustable Work Surface: The height-adjustable work surface accommodates diverse laboratory equipment and user preferences, promoting ergonomic comfort during prolonged use.
  6. Noise Reduction: Engineered for low-noise operation, the cabinet provides a tranquil working environment conducive to concentration and focus.
Connectivity Options:

Facilitating seamless integration into modern laboratory workflows. Moreover, the cabinet offers Ethernet connectivity for remote monitoring and control, as well as a USB port for data logging and firmware updates.

In summary, the Safemate 1.5 Vision ABC BioSafety Cabinet represents the pinnacle of safety and efficiency in laboratory containment systems. It has robust construction, advanced features, and compliance with international standards. Thus, it is the preferred choice for laboratories seeking uncompromised protection and productivity in biocontainment applications.


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