Schott Desiccator

Two available now: The Schott Desiccator is a precision-designed moisture control chamber for secure storage of moisture-sensitive materials in a range of sizes. Seize the opportunity to acquire this desiccator at a reduced cost.


The Schott Desiccator is a precision-engineered laboratory device designed for moisture-sensitive material storage and protection. This instrument ensures a controlled environment within, preventing the ingress of moisture and preserving the integrity of stored materials. The Schott Desiccator is crafted from durable and chemically resistant materials, typically borosilicate glass. Its design incorporates a tight-fitting lid with a ground-glass or silicone seal, maintaining an airtight and moisture-free environment. Desiccators are available in various sizes, allowing for storage of different quantities of materials. Some models may feature perforated plates for sample organization. Each unit provides a clear viewing window for easy inspection of stored materials. Functioning as a desiccation chamber, this device effectively removes moisture, protecting moisture-sensitive materials. It is user-friendly, with a straightforward operation of simply placing the material inside and sealing the desiccator. The moisture-tight seal ensures the controlled environment, preventing material degradation due to moisture absorption. The clear viewing window allows users to monitor stored materials without disturbing the desiccator’s internal conditions. In summary, the Schott Desiccator is an essential laboratory instrument for moisture-sensitive material storage and protection. Its technical specifications, functional attributes, and durable construction make it a reliable choice for laboratories and research institutions. With its moisture-sealing capabilities and clear viewing window, this desiccator ensures the integrity and longevity of stored materials in a controlled environment. Two available.


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