Thermo Fisher REVCO ELITE PLUS Freezer

Available now: The Thermo Fisher REVCO ELITE PLUS 1786-5-W35 Freezer offers  -80°C, 508L capacity, precise control, cascade refrigeration, secure sample storage. Seize the opportunity to acquire this freezer at a reduced cost. 


The Thermo Fisher REVCO ELITE PLUS 1786-5-W35 Freezer stands as a critical component in laboratory storage systems, offering reliable ultra-low temperature storage capabilities. Crafted with precision, this freezer provides a stable and controlled environment, ensuring the integrity of stored samples crucial for various scientific applications. Operating at ultra-low temperatures down to -80 degrees Celsius, the 1786-5-W35 features a sophisticated microprocessor control system, enabling precise temperature regulation and uniformity. The freezer has a volumetric capacity of 508 litres and utilizes a cascade refrigeration system for optimal cooling performance. The durable construction includes high-density insulation, and the interior layout is designed for efficient storage with adjustable shelving. This freezer is equipped with an automatic defrost system and an integrated safety alarm system to safeguard valuable samples. The REVCO ELITE PLUS 1786-5-W35 excels in functional attributes, with an efficient cascade refrigeration system ensuring rapid temperature recovery after door openings. The microprocessor control system allows for programmable temperature setpoints, contributing to the preservation of sensitive samples. The interior layout, designed for optimal storage density, provides flexibility in accommodating various sample sizes and types. The automatic defrost system minimizes downtime for maintenance, and the integrated safety alarm system alerts users to temperature deviations, enhancing sample protection.


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