Velp 477204 ECO 6 Thermoreactor

Available now: The Velp 477204 ECO 6 Thermoreactor is a reliable lab instrument for precise chemical digestion and sample prep, featuring a broad temp range and potential data connectivity. Seize the opportunity to acquire this thermoreactor at a reduced cost.


The Velp 477204 ECO 6 Thermoreactor is a vital laboratory instrument, purpose-built to facilitate chemical digestion and sample preparation. With precision temperature control and efficient reaction capabilities, this thermoreactor ensures accurate and reproducible results in various scientific applications. This thermoreactor features a robust construction with a reliable and durable heating block, guaranteeing long-lasting performance. It offers a temperature range suitable for a broad spectrum of digestion and chemical reaction processes. The unit accommodates multiple sample vessels and sizes, enhancing versatility. Safety mechanisms like over-temperature protection ensure secure and efficient operation. The Velp 477204 ECO 6 Thermoreactor excels in providing controlled and even heating across all samples. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy programming and monitoring of reactions, reducing user error. The thermoreactor’s robust design ensures longevity and accuracy, making it suitable for both routine and demanding laboratory tasks. While the primary function of the thermoreactor is to facilitate chemical reactions and sample preparation, it may offer options for data connectivity. Researchers can integrate it with laboratory data management systems for efficient data transfer and documentation. Connectivity options can include USB or data ports, enhancing data management and research productivity.


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