Velp 477204 ECO 6 Thermoreactor

Available now: The Velp 477204 ECO 6 Thermoreactor is a reliable lab instrument for precise chemical digestion and sample prep, featuring a broad temp range and potential data connectivity. Seize the opportunity to acquire this thermoreactor at a reduced cost.


The Velp 477204 ECO 6 Thermoreactor is a precision instrument designed for laboratories requiring efficient sample digestion and chemical reactions. It offers advanced temperature control and safety features, ensuring reliable and reproducible results. With its user-friendly interface and robust construction, this thermoreactor streamlines laboratory processes while maintaining high standards of performance and safety.

Technical Specifications and Features:

Technical Specifications:
  • Temperature Range: Ambient +5°C to 450°C
  • Heating Block Capacity: 6 vessels
  • Vessel Volume: 100 to 300 ml
  • Temperature Control: PID with PT100 probe
  • Heating Elements: Silicon carbide
  • Safety Features: Overtemperature protection, lid interlock, adjustable timer
  • Power Supply: 230V, 50/60Hz
Functional Attributes:

The Velp 477204 ECO 6 Thermoreactor offers precise temperature control over a wide range, facilitating various digestion and reaction protocols. Its six-vessel heating block allows simultaneous processing of multiple samples, improving laboratory efficiency. The PID temperature control system, coupled with a PT100 probe, ensures accurate and stable temperature regulation, crucial for reproducible results.

Connectivity Options:

This thermoreactor is equipped with versatile connectivity options, including USB and RS232 ports, enabling seamless integration with laboratory information systems (LIS) and external devices. In addition, This connectivity enhances data management and facilitates remote operation, optimizing workflow flexibility.


Built with durability and user convenience in mind, the Velp 477204 ECO 6 Thermoreactor features a robust construction and intuitive interface. The silicon carbide heating elements ensure uniform heat distribution and long-term reliability. Safety is prioritized with features such as overtemperature protection and lid interlock mechanism, safeguarding both operators and samples during operation. Moreover, With its compact footprint and comprehensive functionality, this thermoreactor is an indispensable tool for laboratories demanding efficiency, accuracy, and safety in sample preparation and chemical synthesis processes.


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