Velp/IKA Magnetic Stirrer

Multiple available now: Velp/IKA Magnetic Stirrer offers precision mixing with powerful magnetic drive, adjustable parameters, and potential data connectivity, ensuring reliability in diverse lab applications. Seize the opportunity to acquire this stirrer at a reduced cost.


The Velp/IKA Magnetic Stirrer stands as a crucial tool in laboratories, offering efficient and precise mixing solutions. Its design combines Velp and IKA expertise, ensuring reliable performance and versatility in various scientific applications. Crafted with precision, this magnetic stirrer features a robust construction with a powerful magnetic drive, allowing for stirring of various volumes. It provides adjustable stirring speeds and temperature control, accommodating a wide range of sample requirements. The stirrer’s durable materials ensure longevity and consistent performance. The Velp/IKA Magnetic Stirrer excels in its functional attributes, ensuring uniform and efficient mixing. With user-friendly controls, it allows for easy adjustment of stirring parameters. Its compact and ergonomic design enhances usability, while features like overheat protection contribute to the safety and reliability of the stirring process. While primarily designed for efficient mixing, certain models may offer connectivity options for data logging or integration with laboratory systems. USB or data ports may be available for enhanced data management, ensuring seamless integration with broader laboratory processes. Multiple available.!


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