Velp Respirometric Stirrer (6 sample)

The Velp Respirometric Stirrer offers precise variable-speed control, chemically resistant, compact design for metabolic activity studies in bioprocessing. Seize the opportunity to acquire this stirrer at a reduced cost.


The Velp Respirometric Stirrer stands as a pivotal instrument in bioprocess monitoring, meticulously designed for precise and controlled stirring in respirometric applications. Engineered for accuracy, this stirrer plays a crucial role in fostering optimal conditions for metabolic activity measurements. Operating with a powerful motor, the respirometric stirrer offers variable speed control to accommodate diverse sample requirements. Constructed with durability in mind, it features chemically resistant materials, ensuring compatibility with a range of biological samples. The stirrer’s dimensions and specifications, including speed range and maximum stirring capacity, are tailored to meet the stringent demands of respirometric studies, facilitating reliable and reproducible results. The Velp Respirometric Stirrer excels in functional attributes, boasting a compact design that promotes efficient sample mixing. Its variable speed capabilities cater to the specific requirements of respirometric experiments, enabling controlled agitation for metabolic studies. The stirrer’s durable construction and chemical resistance ensure longevity, while its user-friendly interface allows for straightforward operation, contributing to the reliability of metabolic activity measurements. Two available.


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