Waters Alliance 2695 HPLC

Multiple available now: The Waters Alliance 2695 HPLC is a versatile and precise platform with a wide flow rate range, temperature control, and diverse detection options, making it essential for research and quality control labs seeking reliable and flexible liquid chromatography solutions. Seize the opportunity to acquire this asset at a reduced cost.


The Waters Alliance 2695 High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) system is a robust and versatile analytical instrument designed for precise separation and analysis of complex mixtures. Renowned for its reliability and efficiency, this system is widely used in pharmaceutical, environmental, and research laboratories worldwide.

Technical Specifications and Features:

1. Functional Attributes:

  • High Precision: The Alliance 2695 HPLC system ensures accurate and reproducible results due to its precise flow control and injection capabilities.
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with various detection techniques such as UV, fluorescence, and mass spectrometry, allowing for comprehensive compound analysis.
  • Flexible Configuration: Modular design enables easy integration with other components like autosamplers, column heaters, and fraction collectors, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Advanced Software: Employs intuitive software for method development, data acquisition, and analysis, streamlining experimental procedures and data interpretation.

2. Connectivity Options:

  • LAN Connectivity: Facilitates seamless integration into laboratory networks for data sharing and remote operation, enhancing collaboration and productivity.
  • Instrument Control Interfaces: Supports communication protocols like RS-232 and USB, enabling interfacing with external devices such as computers and printers for data transfer and instrument control.

3. Technical Specifications:

  • Pump Type: Dual solvent delivery system with high-pressure mixing capability for precise gradient formation.
  • Injection System: Automated sample injection with variable injection volumes for flexible sample handling.
  • Column Compartment: Temperature-controlled compartment for maintaining optimal separation conditions.
  • Detector Options: Compatibility with a range of detectors including UV-Vis, fluorescence, and refractive index for versatile detection capabilities.
  • Flow Rate Range: Adjustable flow rates from nanoliters to milliliters per minute for diverse chromatographic applications.
  • Pressure Limit: High-pressure tolerance up to 6000 psi for reliable performance under demanding conditions.
  • Operating Temperature: Operating temperature range of 10°C to 40°C for consistent system stability.

In summary, the Waters Alliance 2695 HPLC system combines precision, flexibility, and connectivity to deliver high-quality analytical results in various scientific disciplines. Its robust design and advanced features make it a valuable asset in any modern laboratory setting.



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