Waters UHPLC

Available now: The Waters UHPLC offers precision chromatographic analysis with advanced technology, versatile detection options, and seamless connectivity for efficient lab workflows. Seize the opportunity to acquire this asset at a reduced cost.


The Waters Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) system stands at the forefront of analytical instrumentation, offering unparalleled precision, speed, and sensitivity for liquid chromatography applications. Designed to meet the demands of modern laboratories, this advanced instrument streamlines workflows and enhances analytical efficiency. With cutting-edge technology and robust construction, the Waters UHPLC delivers accurate results consistently, making it indispensable for a wide range of scientific disciplines.

Technical Specifications and Features

Technical Specifications:

  • Pressure Range: Operating at pressures up to 15,000 psi, the system ensures high-resolution separations and rapid analysis.
  • Flow Rate: Capable of delivering precise flow rates ranging from 0.01 to 5.0 mL/min, accommodating diverse chromatographic conditions.
  • Temperature Control: Integrated column heater/cooler maintains temperature stability from 4°C to 90°C, ensuring reproducible results.
  • Injection Volume: Variable injection volumes from 0.1 to 100 µL enable flexible sample loading for different applications.
  • Detector: Equipped with a high-sensitivity UV/Vis detector with a wide dynamic range, allowing detection from 190 to 800 nm.
  • Gradient Formation: Advanced binary solvent manager facilitates accurate gradient formation for complex separations.
  • Data Acquisition: Rapid data acquisition rates of up to 100 Hz enable high-throughput analysis without compromising resolution.

Functional Attributes:

  • Efficient Separations: Utilizing state-of-the-art chromatographic techniques, the system achieves rapid and efficient separations of complex mixtures.
  • Robust Construction: Engineered with durable materials and precision components, ensuring reliable performance and long-term durability.
  • Intuitive Software Interface: User-friendly control software enables seamless instrument operation, method development, and data analysis.
  • Automated Features: Automated sample injection, column equilibration, and system monitoring streamline workflows, maximizing productivity.
  • Low Carryover: Minimized sample carryover ensures accurate quantification and prevents contamination between analyses.

Connectivity Options:

  • LAN Connectivity: Ethernet connectivity allows seamless integration with laboratory networks for data transfer and remote operation.
  • USB Interface: USB ports facilitate data export and instrument control, providing versatility in data management.
  • Comprehensive Software Suite: Compatible with Waters Empower™ software for comprehensive data processing, analysis, and reporting capabilities.

In summary, the Waters UHPLC system sets a new standard for liquid chromatography, combining cutting-edge technology with user-friendly operation to meet the demands of modern analytical laboratories. With its robust design, precise performance, and advanced features, this instrument is an indispensable tool for researchers seeking reliable and efficient chromatographic solutions.


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