DLAB TC1000-S Thermocycler

Available now: The DLAB TC1000-S Thermocycler offers precise Peltier-based PCR, versatile programming, and seamless connectivity for reliable molecular biology research. Seize the opportunity to acquire this thermocycler at a reduced cost.


The DLAB TC1000-S Thermocycler stands as a sophisticated instrument designed for precise temperature control in polymerase chain reaction (PCR) applications. Renowned for its reliability and user-friendly interface, this thermocycler caters to the needs of laboratories involved in DNA amplification processes. Its compact design and intuitive controls make it an essential tool for achieving reproducible results in molecular biology research. The TC1000-S features a Peltier-based heating and cooling system, ensuring rapid and accurate temperature transitions with a broad range of 4°C to 99°C. The instrument accommodates various PCR tube formats, offering a block with a capacity of 96 wells. The temperature uniformity and accuracy are maintained within tight tolerances, crucial for consistent and reliable PCR outcomes. The user-adjustable ramp rates and customizable temperature gradients further enhance the flexibility of this thermocycler, catering to diverse PCR protocols. This thermocycler excels in its functional attributes, offering a user-friendly interface with a touch screen for intuitive programming and real-time monitoring. The TC1000-S supports a range of PCR techniques, including standard, gradient, and fast PCR. Its heated lid ensures optimal reaction conditions by preventing condensation, and the instrument is equipped with a pause function, allowing users to interrupt the run for sample manipulation. The system’s high-resolution colour display provides clear visualization of temperature profiles and time remaining during each PCR cycle. DLAB’s TC1000-S Thermocycler is designed for seamless integration into laboratory workflows. The instrument features USB and RS232 ports for convenient data transfer and external control, facilitating connectivity with computers and other laboratory equipment. Additionally, the thermocycler supports optional accessories such as a thermal printer for documentation purposes. Its compatibility with DLAB’s analysis software enables efficient data management, ensuring the traceability and reproducibility of PCR experiments.  https://labbox.eu/wp-content/uploads/Manuales/MANU_1234.pdf


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