Masscal Calibration Masses

Available now: Masscal Calibration Masses are essential for precise weighing instrument calibration, crafted from quality materials, available in 100g (x2) and 500g. Seize the opportunity to acquire these masses at a reduced cost.


Masscal Calibration Masses are precision instruments designed to provide accurate calibration for various weighing scales and balances. Moreover, these masses are crafted with meticulous attention to detail to ensure reliable and consistent performance in calibration procedures. From laboratory settings to industrial environments, it offers a robust solution for maintaining measurement accuracy.

Technical Specifications and Features:

Technical Specifications:
  • Material: High-quality stainless steel
  • Weight Range: Available in various weight options ranging from 1 mg to 20 kg
  • Tolerance: Precision tolerance levels as per international standards (e.g., OIML, ASTM)
  • Density: Uniform density distribution for consistent results
  • Surface Finish: Mirror-polished finish for minimal surface imperfections
  • Certification: Each mass comes with a traceable calibration certificate for quality assurance
  • Temperature Stability: Designed to withstand temperature variations without affecting accuracy
  • Dimensions: Standard sizes conforming to industry standards for easy integration
Functional Attributes:
  • Accuracy: Exceptional accuracy ensures reliable calibration results
  • Stability: Stable performance over extended periods for consistent measurements
  • Durability: Robust construction for long-term durability and reliability
  • Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel construction resists corrosion, extending product’s lifespan
  • Traceability: Calibration certificates provide traceability to national and international standards
  • Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of weighing devices and balances
  • Easy Handling: Ergonomically designed for easy handling and manipulation during calibration procedures
Connectivity Options:
  • Compatible with both manual and automated calibration processes
  • Can be integrated with calibration software for streamlined operations
  • Connectivity options are available for interfacing with various weighing instruments and systems

General Overview:

Masscal Calibration Masses are indispensable tools for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of weighing instruments across industries. Moreover, it has precision engineering and meticulous craftsmanship. These masses provide the confidence and assurance needed for precise measurements. Furthermore, it can be used in a laboratory, manufacturing facility, or quality control environment. Because Masscal Calibration Masses deliver consistent performance and can be a good choice for calibration professionals worldwide.


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