Two available now: The OI Analytical FS3100 is an automated segmented flow analyser offering diverse methods, precise analysis, and potential lab connectivity. Seize the opportunity to acquire this analyser at a reduced cost.


The OI Analytical FS3100 Segmented Flow Analyzer stands as an advanced solution for automated segmented flow analysis, catering to environmental and chemical analysis applications. Renowned for its precision and efficiency, it’s an essential tool for laboratories requiring accurate and automated sample analysis. Equipped with modular capabilities, the FS3100 accommodates diverse methods for sample analysis, including colorimetric, UV-Vis spectrophotometric, and fluorometric techniques. Its segmented flow design allows precise and sequential sample delivery, enhancing accuracy and minimizing cross-contamination. The analyser offers a broad dynamic range, suitable for various sample concentrations. This analyser incorporates advanced software for method development and data analysis, ensuring precise and reliable results. Its automation capabilities streamline workflow processes, allowing unattended sample analysis. The system’s robust and precise pumps, valves, and detection systems contribute to accurate and reproducible analytical outcomes. The FS3100 may offer connectivity features such as USB, Ethernet, and LIMS compatibility, enabling seamless data transfer and integration with laboratory information management systems. These options facilitate comprehensive data management and analysis. Two available. https://www.scribd.com/document/488973846/Fs3100


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