Spectroline EN 140 L UV Light

Available now: The Spectroline EN 140 L UV Light offers precision UV illumination with high intensity, optimized wavelength range, and versatile connectivity options for various applications. Seize the opportunity to acquire this asset at a reduced cost.


The Spectroline EN 140 L UV Light stands as an advanced ultraviolet illumination solution designed for a spectrum of applications. Known for its reliability and precision, this UV light source is engineered to meet stringent technical requirements, offering superior performance in ultraviolet inspection and fluorescent analysis. The Spectroline EN 140 L features a high-intensity UV lamp with a wavelength range optimized for maximum excitation of fluorescent materials. Operating at a specific UV wavelength, the lamp ensures accurate and efficient excitation of target substances. With a durable construction, the lamp offers a long service life, minimizing downtime and maintenance. The technical specifications include details on the lamp’s power output, wavelength accuracy, and the type of UV filter employed for optimal spectral purity. This UV light source excels in functional attributes, providing intense and uniform UV illumination for various applications, including non-destructive testing, fluorescent penetrant inspection, and leak detection. Its ergonomic design facilitates user-friendly operation, and the lamp’s adjustable focus enhances versatility in inspection tasks. The Spectroline EN 140 L is equipped with features such as instant-on operation and built-in UV filters, contributing to precise and reliable results in fluorescence analysis. Designed for adaptability, the Spectroline EN 140 L UV Light integrates seamlessly into existing workflows with its connectivity options. The lamp’s compatibility with various accessories, such as filter adapters and light guides, enhances its versatility in different setups. Connectivity options extend to power sources, with the lamp accommodating standard power supplies, ensuring flexibility in power provision. The Spectroline EN 140 L’s connectivity options cater to diverse user needs, supporting efficient integration into laboratory or industrial environments.  https://ia903209.us.archive.org/28/items/manual_Spectroline_EN140L-BV_Operators_Manual/Spectroline_EN140L-BV_Operators_Manual.pdf


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