Thermo Fisher 5L Water Bath

Available now: The Thermo Fisher 5L Water Bath offers precise temp control, stainless steel tank, user-friendly interface, versatile for lab applications, compact design. Seize the opportunity to acquire this water bath at a reduced cost.


The Thermo Fisher 5L Water Bath is a pivotal component within laboratory temperature control systems, meticulously crafted for reliable and consistent thermal regulation. Its compact design caters to diverse applications, offering a stable thermal environment essential for precise experimentation and sample preparation. With a 5-liter capacity, this water bath employs a sophisticated control system to achieve precise temperature regulation within user-defined parameters. Constructed with durability in mind, it features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel tank, optimizing heat transfer and ensuring uniform temperature distribution. Tailored dimensions, heating power, and a specified temperature range make it adept at meeting the varied demands of laboratory processes, facilitating controlled heating for a spectrum of samples. The Thermo Fisher 5L Water Bath excels in functional attributes, featuring an intuitive interface for straightforward operation. Its submerged heating element guarantees efficient and uniform temperature distribution across the bath. Stability during extended use is a key design feature, minimizing temperature fluctuations. The insulated construction enhances energy efficiency, while the bath’s adaptability accommodates various sample containers, establishing it as a versatile tool for laboratory applications.


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